Wall coatings versus renders for long-term durability

Do you have cracked or damaged render? Do you want to improve the appearance and condition of your property? Re-rendering is one option, but wall coatings have developed significantly in recent years. Render is now being replaced with modern alternatives that provide similar benefits but with a wide range of additional advantages.

Benefits of long-life wall coatings include:

  • Value for money
  • A quick and easy application process
  • A long life expectancy
  • A versatile surface texture

Wall coatings add added protection to your property and provide a new, attractive look over existing renders.

A comparison of long-life wall coatings and renders

Long-life wall coatings and render have many similarities – in addition, wall coatings also have a number of advantages. For a better understanding of the benefits, here is a direct comparison:

It is more cost-effective to apply long-life wall coatings. Re-rendering a property is labor-intensive and expensive.
Preparing wall coatings is cleaner and easier. Re-rendering is a messy, dusty job – coating your walls is less impactful.
With a wall coating, there is less waste. In order to remove all the rubble from the site after re-rendering, a skip must be brought on site. The waste will be taken away by a professional company when we apply long-life wall coatings. Skips are not needed.
Wall coatings require less scaffolding. It is often necessary to use scaffolding when applying render, which can increase the cost of the project. Scaffolding is only required to reach elevations that are difficult to access, so scaffolding costs are lower with long-life wall coatings.
The application of wall coatings is quick and easy. During re-rendering, the old render will need to be removed, then the walls will need to be prepared and beaded before the new render top coat is applied. It is much easier and quicker to apply wall coatings, requiring less work on your property.

What are the advantages of wall coatings over render?

In order to avoid water ingress, YOU must ensure that the property is sealed before the wall coating is applied. Before applying the textured top coat, the surfac must be prepared thoroughly, to create a waterproof barrier. These are some of the main reasons for choosing a long-life wall coating over re-rendering:
Using wall coatings will protect your property from adverse weather conditions by creating a water-resistant barrier.
The exterior of the property won’t need to be painted frequently with a wall coating because it is thicker than paint. You can choose from a range of colours when choosing wall coatings.
Wall coatings with textured surfaces have a long shelf life. As a result, the wall coating will last longer as it conceals imperfections – you won’t have to carry out frequent repairs and your property will look great for longer.
Unlike some types of render, wall coatings are highly breathable, so you won’t have damp issues.
It is easy and quick to apply. A wall coating can be applied at any time of the year, as it dries quickly after application.
It is extremely durable. A new wall coating will last you for many years and will stand up to harsh weather conditions.