Damp Control

Take precautions against penetrating damp

Damp affects at least one out of six homes in the UK. The unseen damage can be significant, costly, and hazardous to health. Using our exterior wall coatings, can really help stop damp in its tracks by forming a protective, breathable membrane.

Service Overview

Damp, wind blown and cracked exterior coatings provide perfect openings for extreme weather conditions – allowing wind and rain to really work on ageing bricks.

External walls become infested with moss, algae, and mould, and moisture slowly seeps through, causing cracked and blown plaster, unsightly patches on wallpaper, and even wet and dry rot. These damp conditions can also foster mildew and black spot mould growth.

Penetrating damp can also cause serious structural problems and limit the efficiency of insulation materials.

It is not only costly for homeowners to deal with penetrating damp; it can also have serious health consequences.

Pinnacle Wall & Roof Coating Systems offer cost-effective, simple wall coatings.

Due to their microporous (or breathable) nature, they allow moisture to escape from walls. The solid, protective barrier also prevents future moisture penetration. Eventually, damp penetrating walls will completely dry out and you can say goodbye to the issue.

If customers do not wish to alter the existing appearance of walls, we can weatherproof them with a silicone-based invisible treatment called Wetherdry Smart Cream and Properla Masonry Cream.

Features and Benefits

  • Protective, weatherproof membrane stops damp in its tracks
  • No more repair bills or unhealthy mildew and black spot mould
  • Suitable for render, brick, pebbledash, tyrolean, stone, stucco, breeze block and concrete

  • 15 year guarantee

  • 25 year proven performance
  • Can improve energy efficiency by between 25-30%
  • Can make your walls up to 6 degrees warmer