Our Company

We are a family company with a combined 40 years of experience with exterior coatings. We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke personal service. Every customer matters and we go to great lengths to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

We are able to cover all the country but are mainly focused in the London and home counties. All of out staff/ installers are employed by the company and have been trained to the highest standards.

We are proud that our products have been verified by The Energy Saving Trust. We also have a BBA accreditation, which is recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance. Our fully-accredited, independent inspection services are delivered across the UK.

Our Staff

We never use sub-contractors. You’ll only ever meet our fully-trained company employees, who are authorised to give you the best price and advise you correctly.

Our Products

We only use a range of the best materials on the market from a variety of manufacturers. We believe every property is different, as is every customer, therefore we offer a comprehensive range of specialist coatings.

Our wall coatings will boost your home’s kerb appeal (and value), as well as providing long-lasting protection against harsh weather conditions and penetrating damp. They won’t chip, flake or peel and are a great solution for covering ugly surface scars and imperfections. A 15-year guarantee means peace of mind for you and no more ongoing repairs or re-painting.

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At least twenty times thicker than a standard masonry paint, our coatings very successfully prevent heat loss. Fillers within the product protect the substrate from water ingress, keeping walls warmer and drier and reducing your energy bills.

Yes, our coatings cure all forms of damp, mould/algae growth and green walls. Protection from damp falls under our 20-year guarantee, so you’ll have peace of mind for at least that long.

We’re all well aware of the health issues associated with damp, such as respiratory problems and headaches. Our staff won’t use shock tactics to sell to you, but will simply provide you with the facts so you can make an informed choice.

Yes, they are. The outside of your house should be able to breathe – just like your skin. Therefore, all our wall coatings are microporous to allow the substrate to breathe, whilst still preventing water/moisture from penetrating the surface.

Our Service

Depending on the time of the year, we expect turnaround to be within a month. However, if this is not the case, we won’t leave you in the dark and will make sure you’re constantly updated. If you have any questions, your surveyor is the first point of contact. They’ll always leave full contact details to ensure you can reach them at all times.

This will depend on the size of the job, ease of access, the prevailing weather conditions and the level of renovations/repairs needed. To give you an example, a small house with good access in good weather conditions would usually take three days to complete. Larger properties can take up to two weeks. To minimise the inconvenience to you, we always try to complete your job (to an exceptional standard) as quickly as possible. One thing we guarantee is that our staff will concentrate on your job until it’s finished (they won’t be moving backwards and forwards between two or three different jobs at any one time).

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Your Property

The chances are that your home will be suitable for work. We’ve successfully applied our coatings to many types of residential and business properties, from semi-detached houses to high-rise flats. We also have experience on major construction projects. It’s more than likely your building will be suitable; however, a free survey will determine this.

We have many years’ experience working on unique properties including period properties, hotels, farmhouses and commercial premises.

Prices and quotations

We guarantee to beat any like-for-like quote from any nationwide company.

For what we offer, our products and services are anything but expensive. Our long-lasting coatings will obviously be more expensive than a basic coating or masonry painter service. However, you’ll be guaranteed 15 years of maintenance-free protection. The following factors may also affect pricing: property location, ease of access, size and scale of property, existing surface condition (amount of corrective work required) and any scaffolding requirements.

No two projects are ever the same. Every property will have a unique specification. Our free, no-obligation survey can provide you with a fixed price quotation.

You’re not obliged to order following a quotation from us. We don’t employ sales people, so there’ll never be any pressure to buy from us.

We’re always happy to help on the telephone or by email, whether you’re looking for general information about our services or an estimate. However, we’ll need to meet you (and survey your property) to provide a fixed price quotation.

Data Protection

We take data protection extremely seriously. We will never reveal your personal information to another person/company or sell your details for marketing purposes. If you do become a customer of ours, you have a right to ask for all the information we hold about you at any time, including any communications between us as a company and you as an individual.

After care

Yes. We give a no-quibble 15-year transferable guarantee.