Renotec Roof Coatings

Pinnacle Wall & Roof Coating Systems – The ultimate coloured waterproof roof coating.

proPERLA sister brand RENOTEC offers a two-coat super-hydrophobic colored roof coating. Designed to improve weather resistance & extend roof tile life, it comes with a 25 year proven performance guarantee & a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Restore & Protect – invisible waterproof protection for roof tiles.

In contrast to a roof replacement, RENOTEC Roof Coating provides a real alternative.

By applying RENOTEC Roof Coating, you improve the appearance and performance of your roof.

As a result of keeping the roof tiles dry, RENOTEC Roof Coating;

  • Ensures the roof tiles last longer.
  • Maintains the structural integrity of roof tiles by preventing weathering, frost damage, and salt efflorescence.
  • Provides a barrier against moss, algae, and lichen growth.
  • Durable and resistant to UV degradation.

How is RENOTEC Roof Coating superior to other roof coatings?

Highly breathable properties make RENOTEC Roof Coating one of the most advanced roof coatings available in the UK today.

A roof left untreated can develop moss problems when moisture gets into any gaps between the tiles. In addition, as the moisture freezes, it expands, causing the roof tiles to lift and move apart, causing the gaps to grow bigger and eventually, resulting in irreversible damage.

It is for this reason that roof coatings have been developed. If a waterproof coating is not breathable, moisture will become trapped beneath the coating and eventually lift the paint off the roof tiles.

With RENOTEC Roof Coating, moisture is allowed to escape, while moisture is prevented from entering the roof tiles. It is for this reason that RENOTEC is so advanced: its performance is proven over a 25-year period & the manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty.

RENOTEC Roof Coating Colours

The RENOTEC product line is available in a variety of colors to help transform unattractive and dirty roofs into ones that look as good as new. There are a variety of colors available, including Tile Red, Anthracite, Black Blue, Green, Dark Brown, Red Brown & Rustic Red.

Features and Benefits

  • For use on all  mineral  roof  tiles  including concrete,  clay,  and  fibro cement
  • Super hydrophobic coating – treated surfaces repel water
  • Manufactured in Germany using the very latest, superior nano-technology
  • Water based
  • Undergone UKAS accredited testing
  • Comes with a 25 year proven performance & a 10 year manufacturer guarantee
  • Choice of colours available
  • Great coverage
  • Chemically bonds to the roof tile surface
  • UV Resistant
  • Highly breathable
  • Creates a self-cleaning surface
  • Discourages growth of moss, algae and lichens
  • Helps to extend the life span of the roof tiles
  • Proven performance