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Stay warm, dry and protected from the elements with Pinnacle Wall & Roof Coating Systems 

As a result of it’s similarity to the water-repellent properties of the lotus leaf, the exterior wall coating creates a super hydrophobic, waterproof surface.

Mineral surfaces coated with water repellents will cause water to form beads (because the water is more attracted to itself than the to the surface) and run off without being absorbed. The product meets the British standard for water vapour resistance BS EN ISO 7783:2011 after independent tests have shown it reduces water absorption by 93.4%.

Testing conducted by UKAS accredited laboratories demonstrated that by reducing water absorption, the wall coating improved thermal performance and met EAD 040083-00-0404.

Furthermore, a hygrothermal chamber test revealed that a wall treated with the wall coating and tested under repeated heat-rain conditions in accordance with EAD 090062-00-0404 resulted in reduced heat loss. Uncoated walls showed an increase in heat loss of 60C on average compared to ProPERLA-coated walls.

Additionally, the wall coating contributes to lower energy consumption and lower energy bills by keeping walls dry. Walls that are damp act as ‘thermal bridges’, transferring heat twice as quickly as walls that remain dry.

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Highly breathable

Crucially, ProPERLA Facade Coating is a highly breathable wall coating. According to BS EN ISO 7783:2011, water vapour penetration testing demonstrated that the coating had little effect on substrate water vapour diffusion.

ProPERLA Exterior Facade Coating protects walls and cavities by keeping them dry, while allowing air and moisture to escape. By doing so, it maintains the important ability of the building envelope to breathe. It does not coat the pores of the masonry with a thin film, unlike some stone and brick sealants.

Prevent & Protect

A wall coating not only improves the appearance of a building, but also helps to maintain and protect it for a long time to come.

  • It creates a self-cleaning surface similar to that of a lotus leaf. Surfaces treated with ProPERLA are incapable of retaining dirt, so rain simply washes it away.
  • By creating a dry surface, the wall coating prevents the growth of moss, algae, and lichen.
  • Assists with the prevention of discolouration.
  • The ageing or breakdown of the buildings surface is slowed by helping to protect it from the damaging effects of the weather including frost, wind driven rain, high air humidity and sea salt penetrated air.
  • Performance is unaffected by UV rays.
  • A long-term, attractive finish is ensured due to the stability of the coatings colour.

Facade Heat Saving Coatings

Insulates mineral building materials by reducing water absorption by 96% with two-coat coloured, waterproof exterior wall coatings.

Damp Control

A specialist resin coating stops and cures penetrating damp. Like Gore-Tex, our products are microporous, allowing the walls to breathe.

Renotec Roof Coatings

Defeat moss, mould, and algae! Using our high quality roof coating system will enhance and protect your roof for 15 years

ProPERLA Masonry Creme

You can guarantee permanent waterproofing and insulation for your home with our coatings products, which use the latest nanotechnology.

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