The Preparation Process Explained

Any good tradesman will tell you that a great job is ‘all in the preparation’. Before we do anything, we’ll inspect the outside walls of your property to identify any problem areas. The following process details each step of the application process.

1. Inspection/Scaffold

All areas to be treated are fully inspected and scaffold is erected where necessary.

2. Powerwash with Fungicidal Wash

To remove flaking paint and treat any mould or algae.

3. Remove Existing Substrate

The existing substrate will be tested to indicate any loose areas. In most cases the substrate will need to be fully removed using hand and mechanical tools but this is dependant on the condition of the existing substrate.

4. Masking

All doors, windows, drainpipes and gutters (not to be sprayed) are masked with heavy-duty paper and tape to prevent overspray; dust sheets and tarpaulin are used on vulnerable areas.

5. Primer Coat

A specialist primer is applied by roller to all treatable areas. This enables a greater suction and adhesion for the top coat.

6. Coating Application

A durable weatherproof top insulative coating in the colour of your choice is applied to all treatable areas. This can be hand applied or spray applied.

7. Clean Up

All coverings are removed and any rubbish is put in a skip or removed from the site.

8. Guarantee Issued

On completion, you will be asked to inspect your transformed property to ensure you’re fully satisfied with our work and be issued with your 15 or 20 year guarantee.