Painting Pebbledash: What are your options?

Painting Pebbledash Options

Pebbledash isn’t the easiest surface to paint. The highly textured nature of the render makes painting it with traditional methods (brush & roller) more challenging than painting a smooth surface. It is also true if painting other rough surfaces like Spar Dash, Roughcast, or Tyrolean is involved.
It will probably be necessary to dab or stipple the paint into all nooks and crannies when applying paint to pebbledash. In order to ensure a good and even coverage of paint on a textured surface, a “long pile” roller is essential. The dabbing/stippling motion required may be quite difficult and potentially dangerous while positioned several feet above the ground on a ladder if the walls of the property to be painted are particularly high.
In using these methods to paint pebbledash, some areas of the pebbledash may receive a thick coating, while some areas between the stones may receive a very light coating. To achieve an even paint application, several coats may be required.

A long-lasting wall coating for pebbledash

The exterior wall coatings are an ideal solution for providing a decorative finish to pebbledash walls. When applied to rough surfaces such as pebbledash, roughcast, spar dash, or tyrolean, spray application reduces application time and ensures an attractive even layer.
Most houses with pebbledash are now very old because it was popular in long ago. As a result, the pebbledash is likely to need some repairs or it has had some repairs in the past. As masonry paint is normally applied as a very thin film, any repairs to the pebbledash will be visible. Our long life coatings are applied thicker than normal masonry paint, which means that they cover and hide repair work much better, resulting in a less patchy finish.

  • A spray application gives excellent coverage and a pleasing finish to pebbledash
  • A bag coat is used to prevent destoning
  • Breathable
  • Suitable for hiding repairs that normal masonry paint cannot
  • A variety of colors and textures to choose from
  • Waterproof and resistant to penetrating dampness
  • No peeling, flaking, or chipping

Alternatively, you can render over pebbledash, spar dash, roughcast, or tyrolean if you need a smoother finish. It is only possible to do this if the existing pebbledash is very well adhered to the underlying surface.