Is it worth it to invest in solar panels in the UK?

No matter what the weather in the UK is like, solar panels can help minimise your energy bills and carbon footprint. Savings will vary depending on where you live and your energy needs.
In recent years, set-up costs have decreased. With energy prices on the rise, you’re likely to get even more savings from solar panels as time goes on. To make your solar savings go further, installers offer solar batteries to store the energy surplus.

Are solar panels able to generate enough electricity in the UK during the winter?
Even in winter, solar panels generate electricity by absorbing the sun’s light, not its heat. This is why a sunny winter day can produce more electricity than a cloudy summer day. In winter, solar systems generate less power due to heavy snow and shorter daylight hours.
When it’s cloudy, do solar panels still work?
Although British weather can be unpredictable, solar panels can be used in any form of light! As a result, solar energy is a reliable renewable energy source even on a cloudy day. There will be a lower output than on a sunny day, but it will still be noticeable.

Is direct sunlight necessary for solar panels?
That’s not true. All forms of light are suitable for solar panels, as previously mentioned. As a result, solar panel systems do not require direct sunlight to function.

Can a storm blow my solar panels off the roof?
It is normal to wonder whether solar panel systems are safe in severe weather conditions. Luckily, manufacturers produce solar systems in a way that protects their internal workings. As a result, your panels are able to withstand heavy winds, hail, or even a storm.
Solar panels add strength to your roof if they are installed correctly. It is also rare for them to be struck by lightning. Your installer or solar company should be registered with MCS to ensure panels are installed correctly. It is important to make sure your installer or solar company is registered with MCS (such as MakeMyHouseGreen).

During a power outage, will solar panels still work?
Unfortunately, no. Solar power cannot be used during a power outage.
Are solar panels subject to planning permission?
Permitted development rights allow you to perform certain types of work without obtaining planning permission. Unless you live in a conservation area or listed building, you will need planning permission for ground-mounted solar panels. In addition, you will need planning permission if you intend to add solar panels higher than 20 cm to your property.
On Google, search for “my local planning authority” to find out if you live in a conservation area. You will be able to find out the name of your local council by doing this. You can then search for “conservation areas”, either on your local council’s website or for “conservation areas in X” on Google.