Invest for the future: Energy Saving Wall Coatings – Smart ways to reduce your energy bills

Are your exterior walls in need of some TLC? Are you painting the exterior walls every two to three years? We’ll let you in on a secret: there’s an easy option available…and it saves you a lot of money, too.

Compared to normal paint, which lasts several years on average, energy saving coatings can last for up to 25 years, making them an extremely cost-effective option. Unlike paint, wall coatings won’t fade, crack, or peel. There is no need for regular maintenance every 2 years.

A lower maintenance cost means less money spent on upkeep. The result? More money for the things that matter.

Interested? In this article, we’ll fill in the gaps, and show you why energy efficient insulation alternatives can save you heartache, hassle, and money.

Exterior Walls: Protect Your Investment

How well are your outside walls protected? What offers the best protection against inclement weather? It isn’t paint, for starters. Wall coatings protect against dirt, pollution, moisture, rain, algae, and more.

Most people buy houses with paint on the exterior walls without realizing there are more cost-effective alternatives. Although your house might look nice from the outside, all normal paint does is create a nice appearance.

British weather can be harsh, as anyone who lives here knows. A normal paint cannot protect you from it. Despite the fact that normal paint is often cheap to purchase, it is a prime example of the saying “you get what you pay for.”

Energy Saving Coatings: Addressing the problems

Let’s look at some telltale signs that your house’s exterior is performing poorly before exploring the differences between wall paint and energy-saving coatings:

Is your property’s rendering cracked or hollow?
Have you noticed mouldy, green, and dirty walls on your property?
Have you noticed condensation on your internal walls?
Are your heating bills eye-wateringly high even in summer?
Do your internal walls always feel cold?
Do you need to repaint the exterior frequently?
Are your walls stained or do you have penetrating damp in your home?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, now’s the time to take back control of your brickwork…and your energy bills as well.

Energy Saving Coatings: Top Benefits

Depending on the system, energy-saving coatings can be up to 40 times thicker than normal paint. This makes wall coatings more weather resistant, and increases the lifespan of exterior walls, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Your wall will also be covered by the extra thickness. It is not possible to achieve that with normal paint. Here are a few more reasons why wall coatings are a sound, long-term investment for your property:

– Painting is no longer necessary
– A long life expectancy of over 20 years
– There is no fading with wall coatings
– By reducing re-painting costs, you save money
– Maintenance-free, since it self-cleans
– Provides protection from rain and dampness

Exterior Wall Coatings Types

Masonry Paint

There is nothing special about this paint. It is just standard and normal. Buying this product is cheap, and applying it is easy. It does, however, have many drawbacks, as we have seen before. Just remember, exterior paint has a different composition than interior paint.
There is a two-year lifespan for masonry paint. Some brands, however, offer paint that can last up to five years. No matter how long the paint lasts, it won’t protect your walls or prevent damp from entering the building.
Bad rendering cannot be covered by paint, so repairs must be made before painting.


The rendering process is one of the most common external surface coatings. Rendering can last about a year longer than standard masonry paint. However, render will eventually crack and fall off.
There is a problem with render in that it is not a flexible wall covering. There is no weather shield included with it. During a cold spell, water will get into the render, freeze, expand, and cause cracks. As a result, the render will fall off.
Or you might suffer a worse scenario, such as mould growing inside the wall.

Exterior Wall Coating Insulation

Exterior wall coatings or wall insulation coating is the best choice for your walls.
In contrast to paint, wall insulation offers protection from rain, snow, dirt, algae, wind, and pollution.
By chemically bonding with the brickwork, it penetrates up to 17mm deep, creating an invisible barrier of insulation.
Tests have shown that the insulation reduces water absorption by at least 95%. As a result, mould, moisture, and condensation are no longer an issue.

The benefits of installing wall coating insulation on exterior walls have already been discussed. However, let’s take a look at some of the key benefits. Firstly, you won’t have to paint your house again.
The wall insulation coating comes in a wide range of colours and textures, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Additionally, the insulation will improve the thermal conductivity of your home by 50% thanks to its breathable nature.
Wall insulation prevents heat gain and heat loss, with walls being one of the biggest causes of heat loss during Winter. Lastly, wall insulation protects the brickwork from dirt particles by self-cleaning.

Energy Saving Coatings: The Professional Alternative to Paint

You can rely on our team of professional contractors to ensure that your wall coating will be applied perfectly, according to the specifications you provide. Energy-saving coatings save you time and money by eliminating the need to repaint. This is how we do it:
The first thing to do is inspect the exterior walls. In this stage, we must pay meticulous attention to details, spot any potential problems, and solve them before they turn into bigger problems.
Prior to beginning any work, we power wash the exterior and remove any algae on the walls. Next, we mask up the doors and windows, and any other non-coating areas.
To enhance its overall appeal, we will re-render the facade, filling any cracks and making sure it matches the existing facade.
Following that, we coat the surface with primer so the original coating will adhere to it. We then apply a protective wall coating using high-tech machinery. By using the machinery, the coating can be applied quickly and seamlessly.
Afterward, we’ll clean up the site and invite you to inspect what we’ve accomplished. In the event that you have any complaints, we will resolve them immediately as we are committed to providing you with the highest standards of service.