Does the flashing need to be replaced with a new roof?

When it comes to getting a new roof, you may hear the term ‘flashing’. Every roof needs flashing, but many homeowners don’t know what it is or why it is necessary. This article explains what flashing is and answers the question: should flashing be replaced with a new roof?

Roof flashing: what is it?
Look closely at your roof and you’ll see that it’s not entirely tiled. The roof will have thin metal materials where it joins the walls and chimney, as well as in roof valleys. Roofing flashing is one of the most important elements of a roof. It is used by roof installers to reduce the risk of water pooling or seeping into joins, or causing damage to homes. There are many types of metal that can be used, such as aluminium, copper, or steel, but steel is the most common due to its neat appearance and affordable price. If you’re willing to spend more, copper looks beautiful and lasts longer, but it is more expensive.

Is it necessary to replace flashing with a new roof?
In an ideal world, yes. It is vital that your roof flashing is in good shape since it protects the vulnerable areas of your roof from leaks. Unless you’ve lived in a property long enough to have the roof checked before, you may not know when the flashing was installed and whether it was done correctly. There is no way to tell if repairs have been made, or who performed them. How many times has the flashing been reused? Approximately how many times?

Is it okay if I don’t replace the flashing?
If you are unsure whether your flashing needs to be replaced, it is crucial that you consult with an expert first. The flashing can be reinstalled if it can be removed without causing damage and is deemed fit for reuse. In order to maintain its integrity, it needs to be checked for rust and for any damage caused by corrosion. The flashing must also be compatible with the new roof tiles, since each tile requires a different style of flashing.
Even if you decide not to replace the flashing, you should have it checked every year. Keeping your roof in good condition will protect you from potentially costly roof repairs and leaky homes. Maintaining your roof is a prudent preventative measure that protects your house from damage and extends its life.